General Terms and Conditions

By using our website, you agree to our general terms and conditions.

All trips, tours, and events (hereby referred to collectively as "tour(s)") facilitated by 500 Tours have custom terms of sale and conditions for refund specific to that particular tour. During the registration process, you will be presented the terms and conditions for your specific tour.

Payment Terms

All payments are due according to the schedule stated in the terms of the specific tour. Specific payment arrangements may be specified in writing and sent to 500 Tours, Inc for approval. 500 Tours accepts check or credit card for all payments.

Cancellation Terms

In the event of a cancellation, a hand-written cancellation letter must be mailed to 500 Tours including the following:

  • Student's Name
  • Name of the School
  • Your address including the city, state, and correct zip code

Refund terms vary based on the specific tour. Tour deposit is always non-refundable. All cancellations postmarked sixty days or less to the departure date may cause forfeiture of up to an additional $250.00. All registrations and deposits are non-transferable.


Accident and accident-related dental insurance is provided for all 500 Tours participants. Note: This policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. Any changes not covered by 500 Tours, Inc insurance are the responsibility of the participant's parents or guardians. 500 Tours maintains a $2,000,000 general comprehensive liability package, accident insurance package, and dental insurance package on each participant.

500 Tours, Inc. and all participating enterprises maintain insurance coverage.

Additional Costs

The tour price quoted by 500 Tours is based upon the group tariff at registration time. If transportation costs increase significantly, all tour participants would be responsible for paying the increase. The land portion of the tour price and the total price less air, rail, or bus transportation is guaranteed by 500 Tours, Inc for groups of thirty-five or more.

Additional Terms

500 Tours, Inc reserves the right to make changes in the program from time to time in order to enhance the value of the planned trip. In the unlikely event that your scheduled tour date requires changing, the cancellation policy above remains in force.


The sole function and responsibility of 500 Tours, Inc., is the organization of tours and programs and, as a part of that function, 500 Tours, Inc. makes arrangements for accommodations with hotels, restaurants, guide/escort, sightseeing, ticketed events and admissions, as well as transportation by plane, motor bus, train, boat, or other means of transportation including car or other rentals. 500 Tours, Inc, is not the agent of any of such service or transportation providers and, therefore, is not responsible for expenses or inconveniences caused by late arrivals, departures, schedule changes, loss or damage to baggage or any article belonging to any passenger, or for any illness, injury, or death of any person from any cause whatsoever, or for loss or expense occasioned by the acts or negligence of the above-categorized service or transportation providers.