St. Louis/Collinsville

The 500 Tours St. Louis/Collinsville trip is full of wonderful educational experiences for your students. The St. Louis Science Center is a unique learning facility that students will enjoy. It features areas such as Ecology & the Environment, Info machines, Aviation, and Space Sciences. Also in St. Louis students will see the incredible 30 mile panoramic view atop one of our country's largest monuments, the Gateway Arch. At The Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville, Illinois, students will visit the 2,200 acre site preserving the central section of the largest prehistoric Indian City north of Mexico.

Other attractions

At the St. Louis Science Center

  • Planetarium: This star show lets you explore space without ever leaving your seat.
  • Discovery Room: This room features hands-on science, medical and engineering experiences.
  • Science Showplace: These presentations about chemistry and interesting scientific phenomena actually allow students to participate.

At the Cahokia Indian Mounds

  • Interpretive Center: This 33,000 square foot building uses state of the art design concepts and technologies to present one of the most complete stories of a vanished Native American civilization.
  • Woodhenge: This North American version of Stonehenge constructed around 1000 A.D., displays the sophistication of Indian science and engineering.
  • The Mounds: There are approximately 65 of these enormous earthen mounds preserved within the boundaries of the historic Indian site.