Huntsville, Alabama - Space Camp

500 Tours Pathfinder or Surveyor Weekend is a unique learning experience that students and teachers will love. Students learn about the space program and it's importance in their everyday lives. They learn about the history of the space program and the men and women that helped make it what it is today. Students will experience actual astronaut training simulators (we try not to have them scheduled right after lunch) and many other "hands on" activities. They will see what former Astronaut and Senator John Glenn referred to as "the finest collection of rocketry in the world". Students will experience all this in one action packed weekend.

When you travel to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center with 500 Tours, you know you're with the best. Your group will be assigned a space camp counselor. They will guide you through your weekend adventure so you can enjoy the trip.

Other attractions

3D Movie - You will get an awesome experience in our brand new 3-D Movie Theater in the new Davidson Space & Exploration Center Building that now houses the newly refurbished SATURN V Rocket. It is truly an amazing new building.

The Spacedome Omni-Max Theater - Movies come to life on the 67 foot domed screen inside the Spacedome Theater. Get the astronaut's perspective as you look down at the earth during an EVA on the Space Shuttle.

Olympus Mons Mining Colony - Test your strength, agility and endurance by scaling the crater of the largest volcano in the solor system. Experience what it would be like to climb a 25 foot high climbing wall.

Outpost in Space - Students will love participating in this live demonstration showing how astronauts will work and live on the new international space station.

Space Museum - The museum at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is the largest Space Museum in the world. There are over 1,500 pieces of rocket and space hardware and over 60 hands on exhibits for the students to experience.

Rocket and Shuttle Park - Referred to by Senator (Astronaut) John Glenn as "the finest collection of rocketry in the world". Students will look in awe at the giant Saturn V Rocket (a National Historic Landmark) and the Pathfinder Shuttle, the Nation's first full scale Space Shuttle exhibit.