Phone Tree

The phone tree is a helpful tool that allows you to keep parents abreast of your adjusted arrival times. You can set up the phone tree at your orientation meeting. The phone tree is a very flexible tool that you can customize to fit your group's specific needs. If you know your group is going to be a little late getting back home and you don't want the parents to have to sit and wait, you simply call one parent to let them know of the adjusted arrival time. That parent calls several other parents that they have been assigned to call. Those parents call the parents that they have been assigned and so on and so forth. This enables you to reach all the parents by just making one phone call. It really works.

The Number System

The number system is a great way to make sure every student is present and accounted for at any time during the trip. You simply assign each student a number. When you want to take roll call, you just have the students call out their number. When you have heard each number called out, you know that every student is present and it is safe to go on to the next activity without leaving anyone behind.

Colored T-shirts

Many of our Tour Directors have brightly colored T-shirts made up for their students to wear while on the trip. This allows them to keep better track of the location of their students. If a student wanders off somewhere, it's a lot easier to find them in a crowd if they are wearing a brightly colored T-shirt that the chaperones can easily recognize.

Labeling Student Rooms

Labeling student's hotel rooms is another way for you and the chaperones to keep better track of where the students are at all times. Once you have the room assignments, you can make a fun printout listing the students in each room.

We will be adding more helpful tips for Tour Directors, so check back with this page periodically. If you are a Tour Director with 500 Tours and have a helpful tip that you think should be on this page, feel free to let us know about it. We would be happy to share it with our other Tour Directors.