FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a "Tour Director"?

The Tour Director is the teacher or group leader that is in charge of the entire trip.

Who is in charge of the students during the trip?

The Tour Director is in charge of all the participants in the group. The Tour Director and chaperones will be with the group during the entire trip.

Who are the chaperones and how were they selected?

The chaperones are selected by the Tour Director in charge of the trip. In most instances they are teachers at the school and/or their spouses.

What is the student to chaperone ratio?

The ratio for Middle School and High School students is one chaperone per fifteen students. The ratio for Elementary School students is one chaperone per ten students.

Will there be security at the hotel?

500 Tours sometimes selects and trains our own security guards that travel with us. On many of our trips we work with the hotel management in selecting and screening the security guards. They are on duty roaming the hallway in the area of the students rooms from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. every night. Please visit the Security Service Page for more information about our security services.

What type of hotel will the group be staying at?

500 Tours uses only quality, full service hotels such as Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Radisson, Quality Inn, Comfort Inn and Best Western.

What airline or bus company will the group be traveling with?

500 Tours uses the following airline companies: Air Tran, USAirways, Southwest, United, Continental, Northwest and Delta. For groups requiring bus transportation, 500 Tours uses only deluxe first class over the road motor coaches from reputable bus companies with excellent safety ratings.

How are the roomates selected for the hotel room?

Students select their own roomates with the approval of the Tour Director.

Will handicapped students be able to go on the trip?

Yes. All of our tour destinations have provisions for the handicapped.

Will provisions be made for students that have special dietary needs?

Yes. Please inform the Tour Director at least two weeks prior to the trip if your child has any special dietary needs.

Are Parents permitted to go on the trip?

The Tour Director will make this decision. If Parents do go on the trip, the cost of the trip will be the same as the student price, provided there is an occupancy of four people per room at the hotel. Parents staying in a single or double occupancy room will need to pay the additional hotel cost for a single or double occupancy room.

What happens if I register my child for the trip after the registration deadline?

The names of late registrants will be placed on a waiting list until 500 Tours determines the availability of space on the trip. If no space is available and the student cannot participate, 500 Tours will provide a full refund. Participants that register within 30 days of the trip will be assessed a late fee.

How will I know what other students at my child's school have signed up for the trip?

500 Tours will email or fax the latest roster listing the names of all registered participants to the Tour Director.

Will I receive any additional information prior to the trip?

A few weeks prior to the trip, you will receive a "final letter" giving you exact information concerning departure and arrival times, hotel information and phone numbers. Also inculded in this letter will be information concerning the parent/student orientation meeting.

How much spending money should my child have for this trip?

500 Tours recommends that each child have no more than $50.00 for the purpose of purchasing souvenirs, snacks etc...

What kind of insurance is provided for my child while on the trip? 500 Tours carries extensive medical and liability insurance for each tour participant. Please visit the Insurance Information Page to find out more about our insurance plan.